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Calabrese Real Estate

Standard Operating Procedures
pursuant to New York Real Property Law §442-H

Calabrese Real Estate requires all agents within the brokerage to abide by the following Standard Operating Procedures when working with purchasers.

The Standard Operating Procedures in order to receive services from a Calabrese Real Estate agent are as follows:

• Identification: Buyer must show photo identification to a Calabrese Real Estate agent in order to receive services.

• Exclusive Broker Agreement: Exclusive broker agreements are not required for buyers in order to work with a Calabrese Real Estate agent.

• Pre-Approvals and Proof of Funds: A pre-approval and/or proof of funds are not required in order to begin to work with a Calabrese Real Estate agent, however such items may be needed in order to make an offer on a purchase.*

*Although Calabrese Real Estate does not require a pre-approval or proof of funds to begin working with an agent, a seller of real estate may require this information prior to the showing of a property and/or as part of any purchase offer.

A hard copy of Calabrese Real Estate’s Standard Operating Procedures are available at its offices. Last Updated April 7, 2022.